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Vincilium launches BlocData – DLT based Master Data Management product

New Jersey, 01/01/2022: With DLT as core of its product designs, Vincilium launches master data management product which focusses on eco system collaboration instead of centralized and heavy governance-based approach.

BlocData helps organizations’ reference data management problem by

a) Creating golden copy of data set through collaboration and distributing it in real time to ecosystem members.
b) Provide seamless integration using Rest API and GraphQL for consuming and contributing to the golden copy in real time.
c) Eliminating need of end of day reconciliation by enabling concurrent working of various systems on same data set.

Product Video can be seen at :

About Vincilium

Vincilium is a global provider of cloud agnostic DLT based products for Data Management, based out of New Jersey. With products and frameworks ready to be deployed, Vincilium is set to demystify, simplify, and accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology for its clients.

Media Contact:

Krzysztof Korecki

Chief Product Officer