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Unleash the power of
real-time data orchestration!

real-time data management solution for business users

Data Event Capture
Linking and Standardization
Golden Copy Creation
Real-time data distribution
Data Quality and Monitoring

Integrated, end-to-end, data management solution built to enable business users with real-time visibility and orchestration of data events as they change across the ecosystem

Customer OneView

Enhance client experience and generate cross-sell opportunities by getting everything you need to know about your clients in one, easy to use view.

Vendor OneView

Improve vendor relations through a unified view of your vendors across geographies and functions with related information like products or orders just a click away

Trade OneView

Seamlessly monitor trade processing from front to back office. Orchestrate transactions across your ecosystem and share information directly with your clients.

Pricing OneView

Eliminate manual reconciliations and price discrepancies through a single source of your pricing data sourced from multiple vendors and systems.

BlocData for Harvesting, Linking, and Distributing Real-Time Data

BlocData harvests all the data events from the ecosystem, applies business rules to link and transform them to create a Golden Copy record and distributes it in real-time

Data Integration

Multi-protocol Data Ingestion and Event Capture

Data Transformation

In-built ETL and data reconciliation engine

Configurable Workflow

Feature rich and self-service workflow capability

Data Distribution

Reporting and Multi-protocol data distribution

Anywhere Deployment

Cloud agnostic and/or on-prem deployment

Enterprise Grade

Highly scalable, microservices architecture

Real-time data view

Real-time synchronization of data source with changes

Undisputable Audit

Immutable event logging and audit


Seamless integration with all data sources and in-built recon engine to link the data sets


Event-driven architecture to capture, store, process and distribute data events in real time


Rich self-service model for all the data handling steps like data capture, linking, transforming, and distribution


Microservices architecture which allows rapid customization without the need for full regression


DLT-based data backbone comes with an immutable audit log, lineage, and traceability

Standard MDM approach
BlocData ++ (In addition to standard MDM features)
True Seamless Integration
Consume source data from API integration/ File Watcher/ Messaging Interface supported by source systems

Ready to deploy connectors only support market standard vendors
No dependency on source systems to push data or build APIs

Can capture data event changes (insert/update/delete) in real-time from any DB logs
Attributes-driven Data linking from different sources
Require a common ID to link data sets from different data sources

Require separate ETL tools for complex data mapping
In-built real-time recon engine with advanced matching rules. No technology dependency

Highly configurable in-built ETL tool for data mapping and transformation
End User Empowerment
Require code or configuration changes for adding validation rules, schema updates, data mapping rules, data enrichment/look-ups, adding new sources
Self Service model for ALL data life cycle steps like ingestion, matching, transformation, validations, golden copy creation and data distribution
Immutable Audit Log
Comes with standard audit log tables updated by core engine audit function
Captures, stores, and distributes all data events with an immutable audit trail and data lineage
Online Archival Solution
Require separate data archival solutions and pain in retrieving historical data for audit responses
Comes with optional blockchain-based data storage/archival solution with graphQL API to retrieve data
Customizable Architecture
Require complete product upgrade for any custom builds due to monolithic architecture
Microservices architecture allows easy customization for clients without impacting core products and needs for full regression

Feature-Rich User Interface for Data Management

Highly configurable, in-built ETL capabilities

Data Ingestion

Data Standardization

Data Enrichment

Business rules driven event processing and golden copy creation

Advanced Business logic

Highly configurable reporting, extraction, and distribution workflow

Reporting and Data Distribution

Streamline Your Data Management with a Real-Time, User-Friendly Platform

End-to-end data management platform from ingestion to distribution that provides business users with a real-time visibility of data through an easy-to-use and feature rich interface





Customer OneView

Vendor OneView

Trade OneView

Pricing OneView