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Reimagine Data Management

Experience The Value Of Strategic Data Management

Bringing real disruption in data management that is built on the capturing data in motion rather than data at rest

Data First Approach

Real time access to most accurate data backed by impeccable data lineage and transparency

Rapid Return On Investment

Highly cost effective implementation with incremental return on investment

Non-Intrusive Implementation

Non-intrusive implementation with an ability to accommodate incremental additions

Break Down Org Silos

Build a strong foundation for inter-organizational data efficiency and robust collaboration

Experience User Empowerment

At Vincillum, we focus on placing the power in the hands of business owners by reducing the dependency on tech builds. Our product suite is designed with a Self-service workflow for data ingestion, transformation, enrichment, processing, and distribution.

Business rules can be changed by business owners without the need for technology teams to intervene. Vincilium products are built using a feature-rich user interface that allows users to interact with the underlying data in a way that is easy to use.

Experience Flexibility!

Through our highly configurable workflow, Vincilium products enable the Implementation of new business processes or making changes to existing processes in a matter of hours instead of months. We do also understand the need for customization of the products to meet business requirements.

Hence, the Vincilium product set has been built on flexible microservices architecture for rapid development of custom client requirements. Business owners no longer need to wait for months for the product functionality to be updated.

Experience Scale and Resiliency!

Vincilium products have been built for complex enterprise ecosystems. At the core of our products is a highly scalable, enterprise-grade platform capable of processing millions of transactions in a matter of minutes

Built as a fully containerized and cloud-agnostic architecture, Vincilium Data Products can be deployed on any cloud environment and can also be deployed on-prem

Our Services

Experience New-Age Data Management

Data Reconciliation

A “data-first” approach to reconciliations with BlocRecon

Data Orchestration

Collaborative Master Data Orchestration with BlocData

Data Lifecycle Management

Control data from creation to disposal to optimize value extraction.

Data Reconciliation

A “data-first” approach to reconciliations with BlocRecon

Data Orchestration

Even driven Data Orchestration built on Data Mesh principles with BlocData

Data Lifecycle Management

Frictionless, self reconciled transaction life cycle management using the power of DLT

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