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Data Symmetry LikeNever Before

DLT based products for your ecosystems
DLT can do to your business ecosystem what ERP did for a single enterprise
Vincilium’s cloud based platforms help companies operationalize data governance, data lineage and data reconciliation in the most efficient way. Using real-world problems at the center of our product development, Vincilium uses modern technologies and, Advance Analytics to make the data talk the right language and delivers data to insight through platforms explicitly built for post trade ecosystem


BlocRecon is a DLT based data reconciliation platform that helps to indentify and fix asymmetry between entities of business ecosystem.
BlocRecon enables API integration with existing platforms to capture and persist data in an immutable, standardized, distributed and secure way using the power of DLT. BlocRecon comes with a rich and configurable REACT UI that allows users to configure business rules for workflow and quickly on board supplementary data sources into the ledger for fully online exception resolution
BlocRecon is built on the quorum based blockchain network. Adoption of BlocRecon will not only bring state-of-art data reconciliation processing but also lay the foundation of building Distributed Enterprise Shared Ledger, the single source of truth.
BlocRecon uses the power of DLT to plug in multiple data sources for full control of the E2E process life cycle and automate the workflow.


Golden Copy of Reference Data in Distributed Shared Ledger
Vincilium’s BlocData helps your ecosystem to solve that problem by
Thanks to Vincilium’s BlocData all of that can be achieved with no disruption to operating model and minimal interference in legacy systems. It solves a decades old problem of high data distribution and maintenance cost.


Using the best in class, open source technologies like GoQuorum, postgressSQL, React and GraphQL Vincilium’s core framework enables cloud agnostic product development for various use cases.
EcoChain consists of: ready to deploy GoQuorum DLT network, REST API gateway for data ingestion, REACT based workflow and UI, as well as advanced data extraction layer built with GraphQL. We assure lightening speed implementation at low cost.
Using EcoChain as core of our product development, we offer ready to use products and accelerated custom use case development for your organization.