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It’s Time To Reinvent Data Reconciliation

There is a need to look at data reconciliation from a broader perspective, beyond just matching records in a nicer and faster way with a better UI. Solving reconciliation problems is not just about the tool.

Blockchain – Data Governance 2.0

For most, Blockchain is associated with crypto currency, digital assets, tokenization, and decentralized finance – DeFi. A paradigm shift in the way we look at the transfer of assets – Value in Store. But, once we look at the underlying technology of Blockchain, beyond the shining layer of digital assets, a wave of new opportunities […]

It’s Time for Real Time

Enabling Real Time DNA RECONCILIATION Most of us working in large organizations have always felt the presence of virtual walls between different businesses, platforms and systems. Despite having a common goal and sharing the same transactions life cycles, systems still operate in silos by processing and distributing data in different ways and formats. This results […]