Vincilium launches BlocData – DLT based Master Data Management product

New Jersey, 01/01/2022: With DLT as core of its product designs, Vincilium launches master data management product which focusses on eco system collaboration instead of centralized and heavy governance-based approach. BlocData helps organizations’ reference data management problem by a) Creating golden copy of data set through collaboration and distributing it in real time to ecosystem … Read more

Virtusa Corporation and Vincilium sign teaming agreement to bring disruptive innovation in Data Management using power of Blockchain

New Jersey, 01/26/2022. Virtusa Corporation and Vincilium have entered into a strategic teaming agreement that will accelerate the adoption of blockchain in financial services. The agreement brings together the vast implementation experience of Virtusa and depth of Vincilium’ s blockchain products; enabling a fast-paced industry adoption of Blockchain as mainstream technology. “Virtusa’s drive to bring … Read more

More Than Just a Buzz, Vincilium Strives to Transform the Data Management Landscape through Innovation and Blockchain Technology

With how quickly technology has improved over the last two decades, the digital space has also transformed into ecosystems, requiring businesses to strengthen their data management. However, the task is easier said than done, and for all the experts and collectives that promise to solve such problems, only a few are able to deliver. Vincilium … Read more

Consensus – The Core of Blockchain

Why Consensus? Blockchain is a distributed network that provides immutability, privacy, security, and transparency, without any third-party control to validate and verify the transactions. In spite of this, every transaction is considered to be completely secured and verified. This is possible only because of consensus protocol, the core of Blockchain decentralization paradigm. Consensus is a set of rules … Read more

Concerned About Blockchain Adoption?

While DLT (Blockchain) adoption for private networks is picking up speed, there is still quite a few concerns around this new technology that are delaying the process. All these concerns are genuine and important to address. Vincilium’s mission is to help clients overcome these concerns and accelerate the DLT journey with high end advisory, products … Read more

Blockchain – Data Governance 2.0

For most, Blockchain is associated with crypto currency, digital assets, tokenization, and decentralized finance – DeFi. A paradigm shift in the way we look at the transfer of assets – Value in Store. But, once we look at the underlying technology of Blockchain, beyond the shining layer of digital assets, a wave of new opportunities … Read more

It’s Time for Real Time

Enabling Real Time DNA RECONCILIATION Most of us working in large organizations have always felt the presence of virtual walls between different businesses, platforms and systems. Despite having a common goal and sharing the same transactions life cycles, systems still operate in silos by processing and distributing data in different ways and formats. This results … Read more